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  • What is team coaching

    Team coaching involves a single coach working with a team of vibrant individuals with unique talents and perspectives, coming together, eager to evolve and accomplish collective missions. This is more than just another group meeting. Think of it as a space to dive deep into topics that matter, stretch collective capabilities, unlock organisational potential and collaborate with intentionality and precision.

  • What does a professional team coach do?

    Typically a team coach works with an established team, facilitating their journey of Team-discovery and alignment. As a team coach my role is to help the team collaborate with greater ease and impact. I’m here to help reveal the synergy or the lack of it. Acknowledging and exploring areas that are in need of attention would be a large part of what we would do. Are all members equally invested and aligned? Does everyone understand and respect the strenghts and challenges of the group ? Are a few examples of the questions a team coach would explore.
    As your team coach, together we'll identify the power in your processes and pinpoint the "no-man's-land". We would explore recurring themes and how these can be bettered. Our coaching sessions would ensure everyone has a voice creating healthy meaningful relationships, reaching goals more quickly and tapping into the potency of the collective.

  • What doesn’t a team coach do?

    The coach is not here to guide you as an expert or strategist, nor is he/she another line manager added to your system. The team does not "report" to a coach. The team coach is not at the center of attention but only to facilitate dialogue and offer observations.

Team Coaching Package

Starting at Rs.75000 /- per month. Plus taxes

Customizable plan : Program starts with 2 or more people

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is team coaching?

    Team coaching is a process where a group of people with different skills and ideas come together to improve and grow as a team. The aim is to help the team become more united and effective.

  • How does team coaching differ from regular meetings?

    Team coaching sessions go beyond updates, logistics and planning. Its a dedicated safe space to circle back on identifying on whats working and whats not.

  • What roles and responsibilities does a professional team coach have?

    A professional team coach facilitates the team through a journey of team-discovery and alignment, highlighting the dynamics of interaction and encouraging curiosity about diverse perspectives to strengthen teamwork.

  • What are some specific methods or techniques used in team coaching?

    Team coaching may utilize a variety of techniques including facilitated discussions, role-playing, conflict resolution exercises, and feedback sessions. These methods help reveal and address recurring themes in interactions, encourage open dialogue, and identify areas of strength and improvement.

  • What does a team coach not do during the coaching sessions?

    A team coach does not take the role of an expert, strategist, or additional manager. The coach is not at the center of attention but rather facilitates the team’s own conversations and self-guided discoveries without directing or dominating the dialogue.

  • What outcomes can we expect from engaging in team coaching?

    Teams engaging in coaching can expect to reach goals faster and with greater harmony and innovation. You can also expect enhanced communication, stronger alignment , improved problem-solving skills.

  • How does the presence of a team coach influence team interactions?

    The presence of a coach is subtle yet impactful, primarily focusing on creating a safe space for open dialogue and ensuring that discussions contribute to the team’s growth and alignment. This helps the team to explore their interactions in a structured yet open-ended manner.

  • How can I determine if you are the right team coach for our team?

    If you're keen to understand what your team, as a unit, represents, feels, behaves, and how you collectively define success, we're a great fit. If you enjoy harnessing the power of collective purpose we are right for each other

  • What qualities should a team look for in a team coach?

    Look for a coach with strong empathy, deep understanding of group dynamics, excellent listening skills, and the ability to facilitate without imposing. A good coach should also resonate with the team’s aspirations and be skilled in guiding diverse groups towards common goals.

  • What is included in the monthly tariff for your team coaching services?

    The monthly tariff starts at Rs 75,000. This includes two sessions of two hours each per month and will actually be tailored to your team’s needs, plus applicable taxes.

  • How are the coaching sessions structured over a month?

    Typically, the coaching process involves four hourly sessions spread throughout the month. Each session focuses on aspects of team dynamics,processes and individual contributions, ensuring consistent progress and reflection.

  • Are there any additional costs involved in team coaching apart from the monthly tariff?

    The initial tariff is comprehensive, but specific customization or additional requests may incur extra charges.

  • How can we customize the coaching sessions to meet our team’s specific needs?

    Customization is a key aspect of team coaching. We can tailor sessions based on specific goals, challenges, or themes that your team wants to explore. Initial assessments and continuous feedback loops will help dial up value.

  • What steps should we take to start team coaching with you?

    Step 1- Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your team’s vision, challenges
    Step2- Co Create a customised team coaching session program
    Step 3 - Sign up and begin onboarding process.

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